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Business thrives online. If your company website is out of date or non-existent, you could be missing out on a world of opportunities in customers waiting to get in touch with you. Invigorate your presence online and give your prospective customers an easy introduction.

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Your site.

Customized websites at Bright Blue.

Give your site the modern treatment. Whether you need to bring it up to date or start it from scratch, we can help you. We deliver 100% customized, hand-coded websites that suit your specific needs.

Put yourself in front of new customers.

Responsive dev.

Responsive development at Bright Blue.

Bright Blue develops web content responsively. What does that mean? It means that the content of the pages will scale down to fit on all mobile devices, so you don't have to worry about accessibility on different platforms.

It will just work.

Technical consulting.

Technical consulting at Bright Blue.

A technical strategy can be daunting for any company or individual and you need someone there with experience. Bright Blue can monitor, manage and provide recommendations for all types of technical projects.

Save yourself the headaches and get it done right.

About Bright Blue

Bright Blue Software is a Calgary area sole proprietorship owned and operated by Trevor Engstrom. We offer web development as well as consulting services to help hone your social presence, give your site a facelift or even get your first site off the ground. Request our consulting services to help determine your project's direction, or to determine the project in the first place.

Bright Blue also has extensive social media experience and can help get your social presence off the ground.

About Trevor

Trevor Engstrom

Trevor Engstrom is currently the Development Lead with Calgary startup Enthrill, and is the sole proprietor and developer/consultant for Bright Blue Software. He has over a decade of development experience and is deeply passionate about web technologies.

When he's not developing for Enthrill and Bright Blue, he writes fiction short stories and spends time with his family.